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Great inspiration for accessible days out may begin with the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain, but it certainly doesn’t end there. We’ve scoured the country to find even more people and organisations to share great ideas and advice to make getting out and about easier to plan and enjoy. From tourism professionals, to disability experts, and even Rough Guide to Accessible Britain fans who simply have fun experiences to share, the Days Out Blog is regularly updated and includes news and updates that we hope you’ll find inspiring, entertaining and useful. We hope that the Days Out Blog encourages more people get out and about and enjoy the many fantastic, accessible attractions throughout the UK.

Enjoying accessible London – Ted Hill, British Polio Fellowship

As CEO of the British Polio Fellowship, one of the most rewarding parts of my job is meeting our Ambassadors and members across the country.

However, this part of my job also comes with much worry and concern. A lot of our members have limited mobility and use a wheelchair which sometimes makes meetings a real challenge due to the lack of adequate facilities available at the vast majority of our meeting locations.

After numerous disappointments, we finally found the Ibis Euston St Pancras hotel in London. This hotel exceeded all expectations for ground floor level access. It was adequately designed with all the appropriate facilities for wheelchair users and their carers. As well as this, the staff were especially accommodating to our group and ensured that all involved felt comfortable and at ease.

After having such a positive experience there, I really felt the need to write to the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain with this discovery. I would like to encourage those with limited mobility not be put off from visiting and staying in central London, or anywhere else, for that matter. Speaking to several of our members who live outside of the London area, I discovered that one of their main concerns when planning a visit to the capital is being faced with inadequate facilities when they arrive. I hope this new find will inspire those with limited mobility to try something different and experience new things without the usual stresses and worries.

Equally importantly, I hope that the architects and hotel executives look at the ground floor of this hotel as a minimum standard to be achieved, rather than an unusually accessible venue among a pretty desperate sea of inaccessible buildings. Anyone concerned with consumer spend should take note; the so-called Purple Pound is worth many £Billions a year, and to turn that market away must surely amount to commercial madness.

The British Polio Fellowship is a charity dedicated to helping, supporting and empowering approximately 120,000 people in the UK living with the late effects of Polio and Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), a neurological condition. It provides information, welfare and support; the vision is one of a society where people living with the late effects of Polio and PPS have all the resources they need to lead full, active and integrated lives and of a world where Polio is completely eradicated.

Ted joined the British Polio Fellowship in 2012 from a strong Third Sector background, with the immediate challenge of modernising the charity, raising its profile and making it relevant in the 21st Century. He is committed to ensuring the lives of those living with Polio and Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) are as rewarding and fulfilling as possible, and actively campaigns for a more accessible Britain for all.


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