Airkix Indoor Skydiving


Experience the thrill of “flying” in a vertical wind tunnel at this extraordinary indoor skydiving venue, suitable for all abilities, including those with physical disabilities.

The activity takes place in a flight chamber, where a column of air (with wind speeds of over 100mph) suspends you, allowing you to experience the sensation of freefall in a totally safe environment. You’ll begin your “Learn to Fly” session with twenty minutes in the classroom, where you’ll meet your instructor, watch an instructional DVD, get briefed and kitted out in your flying suit. From here, you’ll enter the wind tunnel area. When your turn comes, you simply lean into the wind towards your instructor and take flight. Your instructor will help you master the basic moves: going up, down, forwards, backwards and sideways. It’s an exhilarating experience – though a short-lived one, with each flight lasting just one minute.

Airkix welcomes visitors with physical disabilities, and staff are experienced at dealing with disabled people; they suggest, however, that disabled visitors contact them in advance and book their session on a weekday, so that extra time and attention can be allocated. There are three Blue Badge spaces in the car park, near the entrance. The building is fully accessible, with good-sized lifts between the different levels, and there are three accessible toilets at the venue. A carer is permitted to enter the flying zone with you (free of charge), but not the flight chamber itself – the instructor, however, will be with you in the chamber at all times. The instructional DVDs have signed subtitles for visitors with hearing impairments.

Food & drink: An on-site café-bar, open Thursday to Sunday, serves snacks and drinks. Next door, the accessible Chill Factore indoor skiing venue houses several restaurant chains.