Yorkshire Wildlife Park


Yorkshire Wildlife Park describes itself as “an award-winning walk-through wildlife experience”, which neatly sums up this enjoyable family attraction just outside Doncaster.

Footpaths lead through a variety of walk-through areas, where many of the animals are free to wander around, often venturing up close to visitors before shying away. In the South America ¡Viva! enclosure, you can walk among troops of playful squirrel monkeys and sturdy capybaras, the largest rodents in the world. Over in Lemur Woods you can hang out with three species of lemurs. Some areas allow you to pet the animals, such as the Wallaby Walkabout and the less exotic Goats and Sheep Contact Area. The more predatory animals, meanwhile, including a pair of Amur tigers, are viewed from raised, wheelchair-accessible walkways. Children should also enjoy the adventure playground and indoor play barn, though these have no special disabled provision.

Access to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park is good, with plenty of disabled parking spaces, a low-level payment window and a ramp down to the courtyard, where trails lead to the wildlife areas. With the exception of the Woodland Walk (where tree roots make the surface unsuitable), all the trails and walkways are wheelchair accessible; most paths are fairly level, with a hard surface of packed earth, though there are a few gravelly or uneven parts where wheelchair users may need some assistance. Three wheelchairs are available to borrow (book ahead) and there are four fully accessible toilets; the one in the café also has a hoist. Assistance dogs are welcome at the park, but can’t be taken into the animal contact areas. Sensory ranger tours can be pre-booked (at an extra charge) for groups of visitors with visual impairments. The park also has a “sensory pod” (free for 30min sessions; book ahead) offering a multi-sensory experience aimed primarily at visitors with learning difficulties.

Food & drink: The park has an outdoor picnic area and an on-site, accessible café serving a decent range of food and drinks.